UK Space Tech Landscape

The who’s who of the UK space sector. Featuring 116 companies ranging from stellar startups to established enterprises. Grouped into 6 categories: builders, launchers, data providers, data recipients, products & services, and in-space.

The UK wants to increase its share of the global space economy to 10% by 2030...

So how’s the UK doing? Is it on track? Where would you find this data? Unearthing this information isn’t easy...

This is why we created UK Space Tech. We started by assessing the sector and categorising the key companies involved.

We realised that many of these innovative companies have wonderful stories to share. So now, we’re sharing those stories with you. In doing so, our hope is to help you understand the progress within the UK space sector.

Introducing the UK Space Tech Landscape 1.0...


Companies in this category manufacture spacecraft, hardware, and the software systems required to operate spacecraft. The UK is presently building a number of spaceports and some companies included in this category are contributing towards those.

Examples of technologies being created: rockets, satellites, components, propulsion systems, space materials


4Links produce high quality SpaceWire related test and measurement equipment for ground use and create fast and reliable board & IP solutions for ground and in-flight use.

AAC Clyde Space

AAC Clyde Space specialises in small satellite technologies and services that enable businesses, governments, and educational organisations to access high-quality, timely data from space.


AdaCore has a long history of providing tools and expertise to the Space industry, helping developers build mission critical applications that extend to the farthest reaches of human exploration.

Aerospace UK

The Aerospace Corporation UK Ltd provides trusted, impartial leadership and support to the UK space enterprise in all fields and disciplines of research, design, development, acquisition, operations, and programme management.


Airbus in an integral part of the UK space economy. It designs and manufactures approximately 25% of the world’s telecommunications satellites to ensure people stay connected. Airbus UK makes the structure and propulsion systems, as well as the heart of the satellites, the payloads including world leading digital processed payloads.

Alba Orbital

Alba Orbital is a pico-satellite company that builds and designs small commercial satellite platforms.


ALL.SPACE develops multi-service, high-bandwidth, low power, fully integrated terminals designed to support the satellite industry.

Alpha 3 Manufacturing

Alpha 3 Manufacturing manufactures cable assemblies and its Cryonnect division supplies for flight and ground observation applications.

Alpha Data

Alpha Data provides state-of-the-art solutions for computer intensive applications. Their partnership with Xilinx gives customers access to the latest advances in silicon engineering, and Alpha Data provides the hardware, software, and expertise to ensure rapid time to market.

APC Technology Group

APC Technology Group specialises in design, specification and distribution of specialist electronic components, products and systems for aerospace, space, military, and defence applications.

Archangel Lightworks

Archangel Lightworks is developing the next generation of ultra-high performance optical communication terminals and technologies.


Arralis offers market-leading solutions for communications and radar systems, specialising in the design and build of high-frequency Transceivers, RF mm-wave Sub-Systems, MMICs and innovative Antennas.


AVS designs and develops complex and critical equipment for the Big Science and Space markets worldwide.


aXenic are leaders in optical modulators for satellite and aerospace communications.

Axis Electronics

Axis Electronics is a printed circuit board assembly and system assembly specialist. They provide products to many operators of LEO satellites.

BAE Systems

BAE Systems designs, develops, and supports defence and aerospace systems used in the air, on land, at sea, and in space.


Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners, defence, space and security systems, and service provider of aftermarket support.

Bright Ascension

Bright Ascension provides off-the-shelf component-based space software for quick, efficient, and cost-effective satellite mission development and operation.


Cobham is a defence manufacturer.

Craft Prospect

Craft Prospect is a space engineering practice that delivers mission-enabling products and develops novel mission applications to realise smart secure space.


e2E enables leading-edge and tailored technology solutions for new global communication satellite networks.

ESR Technology

ESR Technologies specialises in tribology, the science and engineering of friction, wear, and lubrication. In partnership with the ESA, they operate the European Space Tribology Laboratory.

European Astrotech

European Astrotech specialises in spacecraft propulsion, propellant chemistry, and launch site services.


Exobotics uses the latest advancements in robotics, materials, structures, and artificial intelligence to enable low-cost space flight for missions to the Moon and beyond.

Flann Microwave

Flann Microwave designs and manufactures Antennas, Precision Microwave Components and Test and Measurement products.


Honeywell’s UK division offers a range of expertise in the space sector and has full capability in the design and manufacture of components for Communication, Earth Observation and Scientific satellites.


Revolutionary production equipment for the manufacturing of advanced carbon fibre composite parts.


isardSAT improves the knowledge of our planet Earth through Remote Sensing. isardSAT develops engineering and scientific projects focused on active and passive microwave remote sensing.

L3 Harris

L3 Harris anticipates and mitigates risk across air, land, sea, space, and cyber domains.

LENA Space

LENA’s core focus is to develop and supply launcher propulsion for the newly emerging commercial space launch market and work with dynamic space companies to develop new technology to flight qualification.

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is helping to build the UK’s first commercial spaceport.


Magdrive is creating a plasma thruster to enable new space missions and business models.


MDA is an international space mission partner and a robotics, satellite systems and geointelligence pioneer with a 50-year story of firsts on and above the Earth.


Micross Components is a global provider of semiconductor die wafer processing, package assembly, test and development solutions for defence, aerospace, medical and demanding or harsh environment

Nano Avionics

NanoAvionics is a nano-satellite bus manufacturer and mission integrator.

Open Cosmos

Open Cosmos provides simple and affordable space missions.


Opteran operates as a natural intelligence company.

Orbex Space

Orbex is an innovative space startup developing small payload reusable rockets.

Oxford Dynamics

Oxford Dynamics is developing a range of next-gen AI based tools that process data in a much more human-like way.

Oxford Space Systems

OSS Is a space technology business that provides award-winning deployable antennas & structures made from proprietary materials.


Protolaunch is a chemical propulsion company changing the way rocket engines are designed to enable future small launch vehicles.


QinetiQ is an international provider of technology-based services and solutions to the defence, security, and related markets.


Quantinuum unites best-in-class software and high-fidelity hardware to accelerate quantum computing.


Raytheon uses technological capabilities to bring together domains maritime, air, cyber and space. The company has manufacturing bases in Scotland which are capable of space grade manufacturing.

Reaction Engines

Reaction Engines is next-generation aerospace propulsion developers, home of SABRE air-breathing rocket engine.


RHEA Group is an international company providing tailored engineering solutions, system development, and security services to the space, security, and other critical national infrastructures.


Roke provides advanced science and space technology to commercial customers and governments.


Rolls-Royce pioneers cutting-edge technologies that deliver clean, safe, and competitive solutions to meet our planet’s vital power needs.

SmallSpark Space Systems

SmallSpark Space Systems develop hybrid engine launch vehicle technology to drive the price of access to space to be low enough for anyone.


SmartIR Ltd is currently developing a flexible, lightweight, and switchable graphene-based tile system for coating surfaces to control infrared emissivity and visible colour across a broad spectrum.


SPHEREA Test & Services specialises in the design and realisation of modular testing solutions for the entire life cycle of complex and critical electronic, microwave, optronic and mechatronic systems.


Spirent is the leading global provider of automated test and assurance solutions for networks, cybersecurity, and positioning.

Spur Electron

Spur Electron is a family owned business and the leading UK provider of EEE Component Services and PCB Assembly Services to ESA space standards.


STAR-Dundee provide a wide range of products and solutions based on SpaceWire and related technologies. SpaceWire is an ESA standard now established as one of the main spacecraft on-board data-handling networks.


SteamJet is developing the safer and more compact water-based propulsion system for CubeSats and Small Satellites.

Surrey NanoSystems

Surrey NanoSystems Ltd is the home of Vantablack, a new class of super-black coatings. These coatings are recognised as best in class in applications such as deep space imaging, earth observation, and satellite navigation systems.

Surrey Satellite Technology

SSTL builds and operates small satellites.


Teledyne is a leading global developer and supplier of microwave components and sub-systems.


Telespazio UK is one of Europe’s leading players in the space applications and services sector, with more than 40 years’ experience providing consulting, technology, and engineering services.

Thales Alenia Space UK

Thales Alenia Space designs and delivers solutions for telecommunications, navigation, Earth observation, environmental management, exploration, science, and orbital infrastructures.

Viasat UK

Viasat is a communications company providing high-speed satellite broadband services and secure networking systems to military and commercial markets.

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Companies that focus on getting things into space. This includes launch operators and launch service providers. These companies focus on mission management, finding a launch slot, and ensuring that a payload makes it safely into space. The UK is currently developing its own launch capabilities so that it can deliver payloads into orbit.

Examples: Launch operators and service providers.

Black Arrow Space Technologies

Black Arrow aims to be the World’s First Net Zero Satellite Launch Provider, delivering reliable orbital launch services from a seaborne spaceport.


D-Orbit a market leader in the space logistics and transportation services industry with a track record of space-proven technologies and successful missions.


In-Space Missions designs, builds, and operates bespoke physical and digital customer missions, getting customers’ technology in orbit quickly.

Responsive Access

Responsive Access offers launch brokerage and consultancy services to space industry.


Skyrora is a launch services provider dedicated to delivering small satellites into orbit in a responsive, versatile, eco-friendly manner.

Virgin Orbit

Virgin Orbit provides launch services for small satellites.

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Data Providers

Companies operating satellites to collect and/or communicate data. The most recognisable examples are satellite imagery, mobile communications, and satellite internet. This data empowers decisions on matters such as climate change, insurance risk, financial assessment, and maritime safety.

Examples: earth observation data, communications data, and navigation data.

AST SpaceMobile

AST & Science and our global partners are building the first and only space-based cellular broadband network to be accessible by standard smartphones. Called SpaceMobile, this ultra-powerful network is being designed to provide connectivity at 4G/5G speeds everywhere on the planet – on land, at sea and in flight.

Avanti Communications

We are a world-leading provider of agile, secure, and pioneering satellite technology across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.


EARTH-i geospatial solutions utilise optical satellite imagery from the DMC3/TripleSat Constellation.


Inmarsat is a world provider of global mobile satellite communications.


OneWeb is building a space-based global communications network that delivers high-speed, low latency internet access.

SatCom Global

SatCom Global is a top tier distributor of satellite communications services to organisations requiring communications in remote environments where mainstream terrestrial networks are not available.

Sky and Space

Sky and Space Global provides affordable voice, data and instant messaging services to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.


Spire has 110+ satellites powering businesses with Earth observing data to predict environmental change and optimise the path forward. Spire owns and operates an extensive network of ground stations around the globe for record speed downlink of satellite generated Earth data.

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Data Recipients

Companies managing the transmission and security of data.

Examples: ground stations and encryption specialists.


ANGOKA is committed to making the world a safer, more sustainable, and more resilient place through our innovations.


Arqit develops a quantum encryption platform.

Clutch Space Systems

Providers of skills, expertise and products for the control, operation and communication with remote satellites and other platforms. This includes the transmission and reception of payload data for ground processing.

Goonhilly Earth Station

Goonhilly Earth Station is a satellite communication teleport that provides telecommunication services.


Kets is harnessing quantum technologies to deliver next generation cybersecurity tools.

Nu Quantum

Nu Quantum is creating high-performance, quantum networking solutions that will predicate the future of quantum information processing

Satellite Mediaport Services

Satellite Mediaport Services is strategically located in the beautiful British countryside; with an array of over 60 state-of-the-art antenna systems, it is stationed carefully to provide a clear, extensive, and uninterrupted line of sight to over 100 different communication satellites

Sofant Technologies

Sofant Technologies offers Smart Antenna and tunable RF solutions for next generation mobile and wearable devices.

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Products & Services

Companies that process satellite data and offer products and services to consumers, businesses, or governments.

Examples: farming, mining, forestry, energy, financial, intelligence, and security.


Albora has developed a high-precision geolocation open ecosystem that delivers accurate positioning coordinates ubiquitously, specially addressing problems in challenging environments such as urban areas and industrial/infrastructure complexes.

Altitude Angel

Altitude Angel makes drones safer by providing the data and cloud services needed to safely unlock their potential.


ARGANS is a specialist in satellite-based Earth Observation, remote-sensing applications and services, and geographical information systems used to map and monitor the marine, atmospheric and terrestrial environments.


Asterra sees humanity’s signature just beneath the surface. From 390 miles (628 km) above the equator they can see what’s happening beneath our world, understand what it means, and execute a response.


Bird.i provides access to the latest, up to date satellite imagery, helping you obtain valuable insights & make better business decisions.


Predicting commodity prices with AI on Alternative Data to mitigate price volatility for manufacturers.


Earthwave uses remote sensing, data computing, and artificial intelligence to focus on understanding, predicting, and preventing the effects of climate change.


Ecometrica is an end-to-end environmental software-as-a-service that helps businesses and governments identify risks and opportunities.

Geospatial Insight

Geospatial Insight is a provider of independent research derived from the analysis of satellite imagery.

Global Surface Intelligence

Global Surface Intelligence is an Edinburgh-based earth observation and artificial-intelligence-as-a-service provider.

Horizon Technologies

Horizon Technologies is a Global Leader in Innovative SIGINT and Space-Based Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) Intelligence Solutions.

Hummingbird Technologies

Hummingbird is a market leading imagery analytics provider.


ICEYE empowers others to make better decisions in governmental and commercial industries by providing access to timely and reliable satellite imagery.

Lacuna Space

Lacuna Space helps the Internet of Things ecosystem to extend connectivity to every corner of the globe, using small satellites and open standards.


Lumi provides precise positioning for satellites and space debris, using laser ranging.

McKenzie Intelligence Services

McKenzie Intelligence Services curates geospatial data from space and the ground to create actionable intelligence.


Northern Space and Security specialises in Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST).

Omanos Analytics

Omanos combines downstream satellite data analysis with community intelligence and other ground data sources to identify and monitor the social and environmental impacts of critical infrastructure projects.


OpenWeather is a tech company with strong expertise in Big Data technologies, Environmental data science and Remote sensing.


PlanetWatchers is a geospatial intelligence and enterprise natural resource monitoring service.


PowerMarket provides global solar intelligence using downstream satellite data and advanced AI.

Resilience Constellation Management

Resilience Constellation aims to inform climate adaptation in three key sectors through structured data, finance, and skills.


Rezatec helps business leaders to manage their ground-based assets and critical infrastructure remotely, at scale. Our customers prioritize investment. They boost productivity. And they multiply value.

Satellite Vu

Satellite Vu is an Earth Observation and satellite imagery analytics company deriving insights into economic activity


SatSense takes readings from radar satellite and converts it to high resolution ground movement data (InSAR). This data is automatically updated every 6 days and stored for online access by our customers and partners.


Seradata produces SpaceTrak, the Space Industry’s leading launch and satellite database.


Spottitt leverages A.I. and the access to the images from more than 200 satellites to offer satellite analytics that unlock risk-based O&M for transmission and distribution utilities.


Terrabotics works across all sectors related to natural resources, providing access to superior and more timely insights and analytics – helping to reduce risk, improve decision making, increase transparency and reduce costs.

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Companies creating infrastructure, technology, and services that facilitate humanity’s interest in space settling, colonisation, and research.

Examples: active debris removal, space habitations, and microgravity as a service.


Astroscale is the first private company with a vision for the safe and sustainable development of space for the benefit of future generations, and the only company solely dedicated to on-orbit servicing across all orbits.


Gravitilab is transforming microgravity testing and space access


Lúnasa is a UK based innovative space start-up focusing on developing in-space logistical infrastructure. Lúnasa aims to support the UK, the European nations, and the rest of the world by producing highly affordable, reliable, and sustainable solutions for the space industry to access space.

Space Forge

Space Forge manufactures new materials for a new Earth age and provides microgravity as a service.


Twinkle provides rapidly-delivered, cost-effective space science facilities. The company has developed a new class of satellites to provide high-quality data to the global scientific community, transferring the benefits of new commercial space sector developments to academic research.

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These resources provided a huge amount of data. We then used two methods to shortlist 116 companies. The first involved quantitative methods such as company headcount, turnover, and funding to date to reduce the total number of companies. The second involved qualitative methods such as the company mission, the impact of their technology, and our interpretation of how they fit into the UK government’s vision for the space industry.

An obvious problem with our approach is data discovery. Some companies are easier to find because they’re better at marketing. Undoubtedly, we’ve missed some key companies. We anticipate that this list will evolve. If you like, you can send us a suggestion.

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